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ACS Studio will be offering tumbling classes in the evenings Monday - Thursday. The classes will be first come, first served. There is NO commitment. You only pay if you attend a class. Think of it as a tumbling gym. There won't be any competitions or recitals. 

The owner & instructor of ACS Studio LLC, Heather Jokerst, began her love of dance and tumbling at the age of 3. She learned from the best, Mary Lou Koch at Flipside Acro and Natalie Koch at Flipside Dance. Heather was also fortunate enough to work at Flipside Acro for several years as a spotter and later on as an assistant dance choreographer for the larger group routines. She also spent a few years working as an assistant dance instructor at Flipside Too in Festus, MO working under Heather Bowden-Terry. She cannot wait to offer her skills and knowledge to a younger generation in the hopes that they too will share a passion for tumbling!

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